martes, agosto 21, 2012

Animalario I

An ephemeral life cycle

For E.

A bubble man has a very short life cycle. It is born from a soap bar, and persists only from the first warm drops of a bubble bath until its very end; roughly, from half an hour to three whole hours, depending on the size and stamina of the specimen.

This iridescent, turgid, multiple creature begins by spreading his perfume, to mark his territory. Afterwards, he extends himself throughout the bubbles’ bath surface, outlining thighs and breast of the female, the one that had confectioned him, in lovely nights of concoction and desire.

His sexual cycle is swift at the very least; although for him it means to consume the larger part of his existence. Once the male has localized the uterus and vulva, he builds a wall around it. It is very difficult for the bubble man to build this wall. Its surface is fragile and he must wait, patiently, to pile and parapet himself, until he can surround and embrace his target. The recipient, cruel but also slightly amused, only experiences this agonizing battle for the bubble man’s life as a mere tickling, a nice preparatory session. When, finally, the bubble man pushes himself in, crashing her swollen inner sides with his, in friction, battle and permission, he explodes. He finds joy as he does so, and she who feels him inside also enjoys it.  The ecstasy elevates them within a foamy tide, leaving them afterwards to the languid, warm luxury of completion.  

Moist, she gets up once she is finished; the scaly remains of the bubble man on her body, and her skin gleaming, her eyes indolent, dedicates herself to her tasks.

However, the emergence and struggle of the bubble man have not happened in vain. Very soon, inside her, a new life will begin to form, to materialize: a trans-substantiation.  A new soap bar, soft and warm, will appear next to the female’s drawer. And nature, Madame Terrible, will continue its course. 

Traducción al inglés de este texto. 
Fotos de Wara A. Godoy.

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